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Jennifer and I share a rich history in Hilton Head, particularly within Sea Pines Plantation. Her family has owned property there intermittently since the late 1970s. After completing college, Jennifer even worked at Shipyard Plantation during a period when she lived in Hilton Head. It was on the night she decided to move back to North Canton that our paths crossed, marking the beginning of our chapter together.

My upbringing took place in Marlboro, Ohio, on a dairy farm, where the core values of life revolved around God, family, and hard work. These values have remained the guiding principles in my relationships with my own family, customers, and everyone I encounter.

We have been happily married for 30 years with four beautiful children; James Jr, Reed, Jackson, and Peyton.


Here is our story, which is so familiar to our customers and relations. Jennifer and I have lived a major portion of our lives in North Canton, Ohio where we were blessed with 4 beautiful children; James Jr, Reed, Jackson, and Peyton. We can relate all too well with the “Griswold’s” with the packed minivan with jogging stroller strapped to the car top carrier and 6 bikes hanging off the back. We did this 3 times a year; not sure how we did it all!!! Once they left the comforts of home, Jennifer and I were excited to begin our new adventure of life at a place which has always been our second home.


I have been in construction for the past 30 years in public and private sectors. I started out as building barns as a teenager, had an extensive career in Construction and Engineering at Ohio Bell/AT&T, managed public utility infrastructure as City Services Director for the City of North Canton, and had my own concrete pumping company doing commercial, industrial, and residential work.


The first moment you meet us, you will feel and see our core values. You will instantly become a part of our family, whether we do business or not. We want you to feel as excited to be in Hilton Head as we do and we would love to be a part of that JOY!

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